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Marble Polishing and CleaningFor the absolute best marble floors polishing in Colts Neck NJ, you’ve found the right place than the marble experts at First Class Floor Cleaning and More. We’ve over 25 years of combined experience restoration and cleaning marble surfaces in addition to polishing in luxurious homes and office and municipal buildings.

Our highly-trained field technicians provide you with the highest quality Marble Polishing Colts Neck NJ, 07722 using the very latest equipment available. We restore as well as maintain marble floors and bathroom walls, keeping them new looking and free of damage for a long time.

Regardless whether you’re a house owner or a supervisor of a commercial or municipal building, you have to know that while marble, terrazzo, sandstone, limestone, granite, stone is a durable-looking material, marble floors need proper care to maintain their beauty.

[wc_box color=”inverse” text_align=”left”]Experts recommend service yearly in order to keep surfaces smooth, shiny without damage. That being said, you shouldn’t trust your expensive marble floors to simply anyone. Every technician at First Class Floor Cleaning are highly-trained to service and protect marble floors, which means you know your floors will get the very best care.[/wc_box]

Our Natural Stone and Marble Restoration services include:

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  • Travertine Cleaning Colts Neck
  • Remove Dull Spots Marble Colts Neck NJ
  • Marble Stains Removal Colts Neck
  • Scratch removal Granite in Colts Neck
  • Old Sealer Removal Granite Colts Neck
  • Re-polishing Limestone New Jersey
  • Marble polishing Colts Neck
  • Granite Countertop Repair & Maintenance in Colts Neck

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  • Marble cleaning Colts Neck Monmouth County NJ
  • Marble Honing Colts Neck New Jersey
  • Floor Grinding Services Colts Neck
  • Resurfacing Countertops in Colts Neck
  • Travertine Lippage Removal Colts Neck
  • Colts Neck Grout Cleaning and Sealing
  • Repair Damaged Marble Countertops Colts Neck
  • Colts Neck Stone Fireplace Restoration

[/wc_column][/wc_row] [wc_divider style=”solid” line=”single” margin_top=”” margin_bottom=””] Onyx-floor-Polishing-Colts NeckFirst Class Floor Cleaning is likely one of the most experienced hard surface and stone restoration experts in the Colts Neck area with over twenty five years of collective past experience.

We have renewed many homes and maintain a number of local hotels and commercial buildings in Colts Neck. First class marble cleaning is experienced in professional Colts Neck marble stone cleaning, marble polishing, stone restoration and stone care of every type.

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What Can First Class Do For Your Colts Neck Stone Cleaning Project?

Looking for a mirror like shine? Maybe a semi-gloss look or a matte stone finish, First Class Floor Cleaning can deliver the restored marble results you’re looking for.

On new floors, it’s common for some tiles to have a higher level of sheen than others. We can easily balance out a floor finish to gain a more uniform look to the stone area.

Colts Neck Stone Grinding

In cases where there are elevated tile edges or you desire to have your floors flattened to the grout joints for easier cleaning, First Class Floor Cleaning grinds off the extra stone to bring all of the tiles to one even level surface. Our Colts Neck stone restoration processes incorporate the latest techniques and innovative tooling and equipment to bring your natural stone to any honed or polished stone finish you prefer.

Colts Neck Marble Stone Honing New Jersey

High traffic place more likely to wear common patterns, etch marks, stain and fine scratches. We can easily remove these blemishes by honing your marble as well as other natural stone types of surface. After honing, we begin to polish the zone to your desired finish. The final result is a damage free surface which looks brand new over again; almost like it was just installed.

Marble Polishing In Colts Neck

Commercial-Slate-Polishing-Colts Neck NJMarble Polishing Colts Neck, Using a combination of abrasive diamonds and polishing powders, First Class Marble Floor Cleaning can polish your natural stone to get any level of polish you’re looking for. Some softer natural stone surfaces might be polished to a high shine, but may then require additional maintenance to keep that shine. You will always know exactly what you should expect and can really on our expertise to assist you your natural stone care choices armed with the most current knowledge.

Marble Sealing / Impregnating

After the stone is restored, should be protected using a sealant to help prevent dirt and spills from absorbing into it. Most stones is porous by nature plus, if left unsealed, will almost certainly absorb spills which possibly could lead to unsightly discoloration of those stone. Sealing is similar to an insurance policy to your natural stone and provides time to remove a spillage before the damage is made.

Colts Neck Stone Cleaning

At First class floor cleaning and more, the Colts Neck stone cleaning technique we use is customized to the requirements of your specific floor or wall. When maintained on a regular basis making use of a neutral pH cleaner, marble is relatively simple to maintain clean. But once the tile is damaged, dirt can collect in low points and simply cause your stone to appear dirty. Having a stone floor that is restore and properly maintained typically makes cleaning and care for your stone easy. At First Class Cleaning, we guide you on exactly how to keep your stone looking its best between maintenance cleanings.

Marble Stain Removal in Colts Neck NJ, 07722

Stains and discoloration in stone are inevitable. First class floor cleaning and more can take out almost any stain and restore natural stone back to a new fine condition.

Stone Grout Restoration Colts Neck NJ

In limestone & marble, your grout plays a major role in keeping your floors and wall in good condition. Cracked or missing grout can result in more expensive stone repair problems so it’s crucial that you address these areas promptly. We work with the latest processes to repair, restore and re-grout your marble and limestone as needed.

Stone Care & Maintenance in Colts Neck Monmouth County NJ

[wc_box color=”secondary” text_align=”left”]First Class Floor Cleaning and more offers free evaluation and a 100% complete satisfaction guarantee on any Marble Polishing Colts Neck when we are serving your property or work place. We don’t just know how to restore granite in Colts Neck Monmouth County New Jersey, we realize your best choice to perform the services to make sure they last. Correctly polishing and restoring a limestone or marble floor can often mean the difference of several months of elegance, longevity and spans between maintenance. For commercial places with higher traffic we develop a customize maintenance technique to maintain your stone’s quality visual appearance all year round. Call us now and find out how we can help. (732) 943-0333

For free advice on the best Colts Neck natural stone care and other cleaning advice for marble and limestone and other natural stones, call us today at (732) 943-0333 to arrange your no obligation free consultation.[/wc_box]

The Colts Neck Marble Cleaners at First class cleaning are the answer to one-stop cleaning Services. We offer a wide selection of restoration and cleaning including:

  • Colts Neck Carpet Cleaning
  • Colts Neck Oriental Rug Cleaning
  • Colts Neck Upholstery and Furniture Cleaning
  • Colts Neck Marble Cleaning
  • Colts Neck Water Extraction
  • Colts Neck Hardwood Floor Refinishing

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Learn about Colts Neck, New Jersey:

Colts Neck is a community in Central New Jersey, located within the New York metropolitan area. Many people choose to move to Colts Neck due to its open space and proximity to the Jersey Shore, while still being within commuting distance of New York City and, to a lesser extent, Philadelphia. The township’s strict zoning ordinances have long kept out urban development and chain stores, allowing for locally owned businesses, while still being close to malls, movie theaters, and other amenities in neighboring communities. A 2007 study of New Jersey’s wealthiest communities listed Colts Neck as New Jersey’s 16th wealthiest municipality and categorized the township’s population as “top rung”, meaning:

These communities are the wealthiest consumer market, representing less than 1 percent of all U.S. households. These highly educated residents are in their peak earning years, aged 45 to 64, in married-couple households, with or without children. The median age is 42.3 years. With the purchasing power to indulge any choice, Top Rung residents travel in style, both domestically and overseas. This is the top market for owning or leasing a luxury car; residents favor new imported vehicles, especially convertibles. Exercise and community activities are part of their busy lifestyle. Avid readers, these residents find time to read two or more daily newspapers and countless books.

The township has a Farmland Preservation Committee which to date has preserved nearly 1,000 acres (400 ha) of land, providing one way in which Colts Neck has been able to prevent large-scale development. The township has strict zoning regulations, and because there is no public water or sewage service, most homes must be built on lots covering a minimum of 2, 5 and 10 acres (4.0 ha).

Originally a farming community, Colts Neck has long been known for its large number of equestrian farms. From the 1950s into the 1970s many of Colts Neck’s heavily wooded areas were developed with large colonial and ranch-style houses on acre-sized lots. In the 1980s and continuing into the 2000s much of the town’s farm land has been replaced with large houses, mansions and sprawling estates, although a large number of equestrian farms remain. During this time period increasing home prices in northern New Jersey and New York City resulted in large numbers of people moving to central New Jersey, causing real estate prices in Colts Neck and surrounding towns to rise considerably over the course of the two decades. Colts Neck real estate prices remain high despite the economic downturn: as of November 2012, the average listing price of a house was $1,433,112 and the number of home sales is down 41.4% from the previous year.