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With more than 25 years combined experience specializing in pavers cleaning and sealing Cranbury, natural stone, concrete and brick pavers, we are the experts in the field

Pavers Cleaning and Sealing Cranbury, NJFirst Class Floor Cleaning is a leader in the cleaning & sealing backyard pavers in Cranbury, New jersey area. We understand that concrete pavers are the greeting mat of your property and/or your company, and you will always like to keep them looking pristine and welcoming.

Other than it’s a known reality that retaining pavers can be a hard task because you battle against the natural effects of damage by sun-light, rain and people traffic.

After years of involved with different hard-scape areas like sidewalk, driveways, pool decks and porches, we’ve designed one of the best cleaning and sealing options for all different types of pavers and substrates that will make them looking like new for many years.

Color pavers cleaningWe simply use the the highest silicone for count commercial grade sealants on the numerous projects that we’ve worked on. Our expert team members dedicate themselves to providing simply the best service. The proof is in the number of happy clients that we have got. Regardless of what task you’ll need for us to perform on, we will tackle it in ways that will truly be considered as INCREDIBLE.

Our confidence is within high-quality service and is backed by industry leading warranties. We provide a 1 year warranty, alongside offering other affordable options. To get more information about our services and the warranty we provide, please give us a call or send us an email.

Our thorough cleaning and sealing services for backyard concrete, pavers and brick pavers are included for both commercial and residential customers. We don’t provide cookie-cutter cleaning and restoration and sealing treatments. We provide custom solutions to fit our clients’ needs.

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[wc_box color=”inverse” text_align=”left”]Experts recommend service every year to keep surfaces clean and without stains. However, you should never trust your expensive pavers backyard to simply anybody. Each tech at First Class Floor Cleaning is highly-trained to service and protect pool pavers patio, which means you know your pavers floors are getting the absolute excellent care. Pavers cleaning and sealing Cranbury NJ[/wc_box]

Why You should have To Seal Concrete Pavers in Cranbury

Pavers backyard cleaning sealing service NJCleaning and sealing ensures that your own hardscaping will appear great for many years to come. It also protects the surface from oil-spills, food spills, various liquids, and tree and pets droppings. Sealing your surface floor makes it quicker to clean and will help to prevent staining.

Sealing pavers locks from the efflorescence (the white materials that rises out of a paver), which minimizes an old, white-washed look, and also prevents the sand underneath from moving towards the surface floor and migrating to your swimming pool or backyard. An additional benefit of sealing is that it it also locks the pavers into place, and helps to minimize the risk of new surfaces from quickly color fading.

Learn More About Concrete Pavers Stone Sealers

As stated, we provide customized option to each of our clients, so when calling or emailing first class floor cleaning and more for any quote or estimate, make sure to be as comprehensive as is possible.

Seal backyard pavers pool deckConcrete restoration, cleaning and sealing Cranbury, NJ is one of the most important services homeowners will require, and we put our money where our mouth is and provide a 1 year guarantee on our signature sealer. Give us a call for free quote today!

We utilize a multistep process in our cleaning and sealing service. We first use a manual process to lightly chip away loose surface concrete. Next, we perform a proprietary combination acid wash to clarify and consolidate the concrete.

We then neutralize the solution and pressure wash the concrete, applying cleaner which helps open the pores for a a fantastic seal. Eventually, we totally immerses the concrete in the highest quality silicone sealer available. We work with a lot more compared to manufacturer recommends as well as provide a high quality finished

Our Cranbury Concrete Pavers and Natural Stone Cleaning, Sealing and Restoration services include but not limited to:

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  • Pool Paver Deck
  • Concrete Pavers Cleaning
  • Pavers Stains Removal
  • Sealing Concrete Pavers
  • Staining Concrete Pavers
  • Brick Pavers Drive-way
  • Concrete Pavers Driveway
  • Concrete Pavers Pool Coping
  • Drive-way Pavers
  • Concrete Walkway and Sidewalk

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  • Natural stone Pavers Pool Decks
  • Travertine Pavers Pool Deck
  • Travertine Pavers Driveway
  • Calcium & Efflorescence Removal
  • Pavers Mold & Mildew Removal
  • Pool Coping Cleaning and Sealing
  • Flagstone and Natural Stone Colors Enhancing
  • Back yard Paver Patio
  • Deck Pavers
  • Concrete Pavers Care and Maintenance



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Driveway Paver Stone Sealing & Cleaning Cranbury, NJ

Preserving paver drivewayPaver stone is colloquially referred to simply as “pavers,” as well as being probably the most common outdoor building materials. If you’ve got paver in your yard, knowing how to effectively maintain is necessary to making sure that it lasts a very long time. Instead of letting the elements tear down your paver stone, you need to contact a professional stone sealer today.

Paver Stone Essentials

Paver stone manufactured using a combination of concrete and a color agent of choice. Next, the mixture is poured into block-like clusters, resembling bricks, which can then be organized in a variety of patterns. After a while, paver stones are utilized to make gorgeous mosaics in drive ways, and are also popular for outdoor walkways, patios, roads, and also other outdoor surfaces.

Risks of Pavers

While pavers are certainly stunning and can add aesthetic value to your property, they, like other stones, have their chances of deterioration. Perhaps the biggest risk of using unsealed paver stones is that they will stain – yet wet leaves, for example, can cause major along with irreversible staining. Also, unsealed pavers may also face risk of rapid natural deterioration in accordance to exposure to the elements, in addition to exposure to certain property features, similar to salt from ponds or chlorine for swimming pools. However, while stains along with deterioration will be a major issue, breaking is often not (using concrete slabs rather than pavers increases the chances of cracking).

Sealant: The Best Way of Paver Stone Maintenance Cranbury NJ

Pavers pool deck joint sand stabilizerWhile some stains on pavers can be cleaned using abrasive brushes and detergent, the process is a major hassle, and it doesn’t guarantee that the stains is going to be remediate, and certainly doesn’t prevent the likelihood of future stains. Pavers cleaning and sealing Cranbury

Rather than relying on an annual cleaning, sealing paver stone every three to four years plus, counting on the true quality of the stone, can protect them from the materials and from staining, increasing the time period of their life and saving a property owner thousands.

A paver sealer is vital for anyone who really wants to maintain their paver stone in an ideal condition. Sealer should be protect pavers from rain, wind, sun, and other naturally occurring along with non-organic factors.

Sealing paver stones is a fast process, and one that usually only takes one or two days depending upon climatic conditions. At the same time as the process is short, sealing paver stones will safeguard the pavers for several years. Additionally, sealing paver enables both quick and easy spot cleaning.

The enhanced sheen sealer finish for pavers comes with a 3 year written guarantee. If for any reason the sealant on your paver stone needs attention, we’ll visit your home and re-seal it one time.

Contact the Pro Paver Stone Sealers at First class floor cleaning and more Now!

When you have unsealed paver stone on your property, don’t wait another moment to take action to protect it. For a free quote, contact the professional paver stone sealers at 732-943-0333.


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Flagstone Cleaning and Sealing Cranbury, NJ 08512.

Flagstone patio pavers natural stoneFlagstone, also referred to as sandstone or Oklahoma sand-stone, is among one of possibly the most popular element choices for paving and building in New Jersey and other areas of the us.

Flagstone is a kind of sedimentary rock that have quartz and feldspar. Because of this, flagstone is prone to enduring and break down over time, and while beautiful, involves care to avoid permanent erosion and staining.


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Cranbury Limestone Cleaning and Sealing

Limestone Cleaning, Sealing and Restoration NJOne of the most common sedimentary stones across the world, limestone is made of calcite, aragonite, along with other grains. These “grains” contain the remains of shells of ancient sea microorganisms, making limestone unique.

What is limestone used by?

Limestone is a preferred building materials, is commonly utilised for drive-ways, walkways, path ways, counter-top, floors, patios, and pool and deck landings. While this ancient stone type has been used for centuries for numerous different purposes, and will certainly withstand the test of time especially if used on homeowners’ properties, the stone is still expose to dust, dirt, grime, dampness, and wear and tear.


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Slate Cleaning and Sealing Cranbury, NJ

Slate cleaning, sealing and restorationProviding a look of luxury and wealth, slate is one of the most favorite stone selections for both indoor and outdoor needs.

A sleek black that can also range in color from blue-grey to rust and in many cases purple depending upon the stone type, slate is a strong stone that is loved by homeowners and commercial properties alike.

The Chemical Components of Slate

Slate is a combination of minerals such as quartz, muscovite, chlorite, hematite, pyrite, and biotite. Formed from clay or volcanic ash, this stone is considered a metamorphic rock that’s characterized by its perpendicular planes and harsh angles, called stone cleavage. Smooth and flat, and sometimes glossy and richly colored, slate is used for shingles, counter tops, patio tiles, and much more.

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Cranbury, New jersey Travertine Cleaning and Sealing Service

Travertine sealing and cleaning servicesMost well-known for landscaping and patios, travertine is a an attractive stone that is normally available in a natural beige color. For house owners, travertine is a common stone selection for outdoor needs, although it is often used indoors as well.

While the stone is a favorite for many, it does have its vulnerabilities, and cleaning the stone frequently is vital. When you’ve got travertine in your yard or considering using travertine when landscaping, here’s what you should know:

What exactly is travertine?

Travertine is a kind of naturally-occurring limestone that’s in most cases discovered near mineral springs, mainly hot springs. Despite the fact that the stone is most commonly found in tan as well as beige, it also occurs naturally in white, cream, and a burnt sienna color. Travertine is in most cases used a building material, and is a sedimentary and porous rock type.


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DIY Tips on how to seal pavers


Before you seal pavers you must be sure it’s pristine clean. Do not lock the residue beneath the sealer

Pavers Care & Maintenance in Cranbury Middlesex County New jersey

[wc_box color=”secondary” text_align=”left”]First class Floor cleaning offers free guidance along with a 100% satisfaction guarantee on any pavers cleaning and sealing Cranbury when we are servicing your private home or work place. We do not just know how to restore pavers in Cranbury Middlesex County New Jersey, we figure out your best choice to perform the services to make sure they last. Effectively cleaning and restoring a pavers or stone floor or wall would most likely mean the difference of countless months of elegance, endurance and varieties in between maintenance. For commercial locations with higher traffic we develop a customize care and maintenance technique to make sure that your stone’s top-quality look through the entire year. Call us now and discover how we can help. 732-943-0333

For free help with the very best Cranbury 08512 pavers care and other cleaning & restoration advice for patio pavers and other natural stones, call us today at 732-943-0333 to setup your no obligation free consultation.[/wc_box]

Cranbury Pavers Cleaners at First class floor cleaning and more would be the answer to one stop cleaning Services. We deliver a number of services including:

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